No Bones About It

sweater WILDFOX, shirt ERNEST SEWN, skirt H+M, shoes DOLCE VITA

This summer, I've had a bit of an obsession with Dolce Vita. Before I bought the desert booties, I had a dream about them, and the next day I found myself strolling into TNT to buy them. I couldn't help myself. Shopping addiction? Maybe. I found these black booties in Bloomingdales on my most recent trip to New York, and once again, pure satisfaction. I'm so happy fall is coming so I have an excuse to wear these over and over. (FYI, the fall and holiday collection is amazing. I predict more dreams in the future about Dolce Vita).

photography by: Lauren Purves and Alex Topp


  1. Is your hair ombre in the first pic of you with the wildfox top? What do you think of ombre for this season? In or out?

  2. nope - not ombre! i've never actually dyed my hair before...I think ombre has been on its way out for a while now - especially during the winter season, I would advise against it!

  3. Thanx, Jessica :-). You've got natural highlights then, it would appear.

    I appreciate your thoughts on the ombre look. I sort of figured it was passe but wasn't sure.


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